Debra Erfert

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Kindle Scout winning book!

I got an email from the Kindle Scout program! I made it! After 30 days of a campaign where A Strange Twist of Fate continuously stayed on the "Hot and Trending" list, and after 6 more days of consideration, I received notice that Kindle Press. 

It read: 

Dear Debra Erfert,

Congratulations! Our readers have spoken, and your book 

A Strange Twist of Fate has been selected for publication by

the Kindle Press Team. We're excited to be working with you

and eager to get started on your upcoming book launch.

I was never so excited about seeing an email in my life. I won

something that I'd wanted for such a long time. It was three years

ago when a friend first had her campaign. Sariah Wilson wrote a royal princess romance book. I loved it--and nominated it. I watched her journey with Kindle Press. Now she has three more books published through Montlake Romance, an Amazon romance imprint all because of Kindle Scout. 

There are steps I still need to cover, like writing an acknowledgment page to thank all of my beta readers and editor, and a dedication page, and a page listing my other available books, and then a final edit by their people, but these are truly labors of love.

You can see it HERE on Amazon. You might even want to buy it!